New inoLab® Benchtop Meters by Xylem

Manufacturer Xylem

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New inoLab® Benchtop Meters
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The inoLab® benchtop meters of WTW, Weilheim, Germany, have been relaunched in April 2004. pH, DO, conductivity and multi-parameter instruments show not only a new colour but also enhanced functions and additionally, the family will have two new members, the new inoLab® pH/ION 735 and the high-performance inoLab® pH/ION/Conductivity 750 with two high-impedance inputs and an 8-pin socket for conductivity cells. So for almost  any  application an appropriate meter is available:

  • Easy-to-operate, reliable, with big, bright display, battery or mains operated: inoLab® 720 series for pH/ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (Multi 720).
  • Precise, communicative, with datalogger, memory, digital/analog RS 232 interface, printer (optional), GLP supporting: inoLab® 730 for pH/mV, dissolved oxygen, conductivity.
  • Enhanced methods for ISE measurement, menu-driven, backlit graphic display: inoLab® 735 pH/ION.
  • Communicative, high-performance, PC-controllable meters with enhanced possibilities like digital recorder or user administration: inoLab® 740 series, for all parameters, additionally BOD-measuring system.
  • Outstanding performance for special tasks in highly demanding applications: inoLab® pH/ION/Cond 750 with two high-impedance inputs, simultaneous measuring of three parameters (2 times pH or ISE or ORP and conductivity), PC-controllable, individual determination of conductivity temperature coefficients. Datalogger, memory, interface included. With user administration and password protection.

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New inoLab® Benchtop Meters by Xylem product image

New inoLab® Benchtop Meters

Manufacturer Xylem

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