New COD Test Kits by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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New COD Test Kits

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New Spectroquant® test kits for COD analysis in waste water – broader measurement range, greater tolerance of chloride

Merck Millipore introduces 2 new COD test kits. With this expansion of the Spectroquant® COD test kit product line, you can measure higher levels of COD even when your sample contains significant chloride. Nine different COD test kits cover the measurement range from 4.0 – 90,000 mg/l. Choose the best one based on your sample range.
Is your waste water relatively clean?

For measuring COD levels in relatively clean water, most of our customers successfully use the existing Spectroquant® test kit that measures COD from 4.0 – 40 mg/l. However, we heard from some customers who needed something more. They requested the capability to measure COD in the semi ultra low range. We developed a new kit that meets those unique needs covering the range from 5.0 – 80 mg/l. Broadening the measurement range from 5.0 – 80 mg/l also means the new kit is compliant with the German DIN 38409 H44 regulations – an added benefit at audit time.
Measure COD in highly polluted water samples, high chloride won’t interfere
Merck Millipore also offers a new Spectroquant® test kit developed especially for measuring COD in highly polluted water, such as untreated waste water. Most commonly done as a first screening, analysis of these samples can be tricky. Not only do they contain a very high COD level, they also can contain a huge quantity of chloride. The new kit measures COD in the ultra high range from 5,000 – 90,000 mg/l and also tolerates as much as 50,000 mg/l chloride in your sample. This is totally unique in the market since most kits from other suppliers tolerate only 1,000-20,000 mg/l chloride.

The new Spectroquant® COD test kits join a complete range of products for water and waste water analysis. Merck Millipore has spent years developing comprehensive, certified quality analysis processes. Take advantage of our experience.