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NEPHELOstar® Plus
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The NEPHELOstar® Plus 

The world’s only laser-based microplate nephelometer

The NEPHELOstar® Plus is BMG LABTECH’s unique light-scattering plate reader. Using forward scattered light, it can measure the solubility or turbidity of a sample in a solution.

NEPHELOstar® Plus Features:

  • High-throughput detection compatible with up to 384-well plates
  • Increased performance and speed compared to other nephelometers
  • Two onboard reagent injectors

The NEPHELOstar® Plus is ideal for applications which include petroleum process control, drug compound solubility, bacterial growth, and precipitation of particles in a solution.

BMG LABTECH’s Atmospheric Control Unit can be added to ensure a proper environmental control within the plate reader. CO2 and O2 can be fully regulated independently.

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NEPHELOstar® Plus by BMG LABTECH product image

NEPHELOstar® Plus

Manufacturer BMG LABTECH  |  Available Worldwide

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