Neolab series by Gram Precision Scales Inc

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Neolab series
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Average Rating: 4.3
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Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Weighing Solids In Grams

"This scale is easy to set up and use, just plug in and zero it out. Very efficient for weighing small amounts of solids. Sometimes the weight can get thrown off if there is a breeze in the room from a fan or air conditioner though. Otherwise no problems with it."

Review date: 16 Jun 2014 | Neolab series
The Neolab series is a well-featured precision balance that will meet the most demanding applications.

Targeted against the Ohaus Navigator series, the Neolab can equal and exceed its well know rival.  In fact, the Neolab series offers better features for the end users by including the RS232 cable, backlighting as well as the GP Link application softwarae as standard.

With pricing agressively below the Ohaus model, the end users will get a balance that's well priced and with features second to none.