NE 030 series Centrifuge

Manufacturer Nickel-Electro Ltd

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Featuring a highly specified centrifuge which is suitable for daily use at an affordable price.

A bench top centrifuge with wipe clean control panel, touch pad controls and digital display, broad speed range and in built safety monitoring of its systems. Featuring "active lid cooling" making it suitable for biological separations and sampling which can suffer heat damage. The active cooling draws fresh air in from outside and expels warm air from the rotor assembly out through the back of the lid. Supplied without a rotor, enabling the right head to be chosen for the application, from micro to falcon tubes.

With safety features such as rotor imbalance alarm and rotor recognition limiting.

Easy to use with digital display of speed, acceleration, braking and time settings. In use has added convenience of an audible alarm at the end of timed period.

* Easy to read digital display
* Brake and acceleration control
* Touch button controls
* Speed and time setting
* Wipe clean chemical resistant control panel
* Active cooling system to reduce thermal shock
* Powder painted body providing a durable finish 

Safety systems undergo constant diagnosis rotor imbalance
# lid interlocking
# rotor recognition
# speed and braking
# timer function

Models available in the range

NE 030GT/I Interlock Digital Centrifuge with Timer

Full range of accessories available

R030-1 Rotor - angle head 8 x 15ml (max 5000rpm) including Buckets for Rotor - set of 8
R030-2 Rotor - angle head 12 x 15ml (max 5000rpm) including buckets for Rotor - set of 12
R030-3 Rotor - angle head 24 x 1.5ml and 24 x 0.25ml (max 13000rpm)
R030-4 Rotor Haematocrit - with reader

T030-1 Set Tube Adaptors for 7ml tubes pack 8 off
T030-2 Set Tube Adaptors for 5ml tubes pack 8 off
T030-3 Set Tube Adaptors for 7ml tubes pack 12 off
T030-4 Set Tube Adaptors for 5ml tubes pack 12 off
T030-5 Set Tube Adaptors for 10ml tubes pack 8 off
T030-6 Set Tube Adaptors for 10ml tubes pack 12 off