NCB-D® Type II Class B1 Biological Safety Cabinet

Manufacturer The Baker Company

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The NCB-D® Biological Safety Cabinet is a Class II, Type B1 cabinet line typically used for Biosafety Levels 1-3, but has an increased building hard-ducted exhaust requirement compared to Type A1 and A2 cabinets. Designed to reduce exposure to vapors and gases used in the direct exhaust portion of the work area.

NCB-D® from The Baker Company:

• Class II, Type B1 
• Vertical flow, hard ducted cabinet 
• 4’ and 6’ models

All exhaust air is removed directly from the work area (direct exhaust) into a building’s separate exhaust system. Vapors and gases emitted from vessels or work behind the air split (approximately halfway back from the cabinet front) are removed and not recirculated.

HEPA filters located below the work surface assure that all positive pressure areas are free of particulate contamination. Additionally, all positive pressure plenums are completely surrounded by negative pressure. Recirculated air is HEPA-filtered immediately below the work surface before it is passed through a supply downflow filter above the work area.