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"The instrument is very well made. No significant problems after 5 years of usage. Just normal maintenance. After sales service is very helpful and ready to give you assistance for every problem. I would definitely recommend this product to a colleague."

Review date: 24 Oct 2012 | NANOSTAR
NANOSTAR – Synchrotron SAXS beamline design

Brilliant X-ray sources are combined with innovative multi-layer optics, which provides an intense, point-like incident beam upon the sample. Thanks to the 3-pinhole collimation, the background is extremely low, which is a must for the analysis of weakly scattering samples. The VÅNTEC-2000 is a large 2-D detector with true photon counting ability, featuring a maximum performance in angular resolution, low background and dynamic range. Such a large 2-dimensional detector is essential for SAXS/GISAXS measurements as it avoids any potential misinterpretation of data, eliminating the need for restrictive initial assumptions about the sample. In fact, the NANOSTAR analyzes pure sample properties, even for non-isotropic sample systems. Additionally, a real space image with µm SAXS resolution of the sample can be taken by performing Nanography.