NanoPro™ 1000 Simple Western System

Manufacturer ProteinSimple (formerly Cell Biosciences)  |   Model: 004-109  |  Available Worldwide
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The NanoPro 1000 system enables rapid, quantitative analysis of specific proteins in as few as 25 cells per assay. Detailed information is generated on the post-translational modification status of critical signaling proteins. The system is fully automated and speeds samples from a standard 384-well microplate to final results, ensuring exceptional sample-to-sample consistency.

  • Conserve precious samples — characterize proteins directly in limited cellular subpopulations
  • Detect multiple phosphorylation states — measure subtle shifts in phospho-isoform distributions
  • Higher data quality — precise, automated assays and quantitative digital data analysis provide more accurate and reproducible results
  • Increase sample throughput — walk-away automation for up to 96 samples per run enables rapid assay development and high-throughput protein analysis
  • Complete immunoassay platform — includes multiple assay kits, Compass analysis software and an expanding library of validated targets
  • Save time — eliminate time-consuming manual processes.

The NanoPro 1000 system is Cell Biosciences’ next-generation immunoassay development platform which builds upon the fundamental technology of its predecessors, the CB1000 and Firefly 3000 systems.

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NanoPro™ 1000 Simple Western System

Manufacturer ProteinSimple (formerly Cell Biosciences)  |  Available Worldwide

4.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews