nanoLiter Cool Wave Dispenser by nanoLiter LLC

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nanoLiter Cool Wave Dispenser
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Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Fluid Handling, Droplet Dispensing

"For 30 nL to 450 nL droplets, after calibration, dispensing was reliable and reproducible. We used the dispenser for launching droplets into ultrasonically-levitated droplets. With suitable adjustments and by alternating the potential used to launch each droplet, better than 95% of launched droplets struck the target 3 microliter levitated drop. We had no problems with clogging, and could use as little as 10 microliters of stock solution, limiting reactant consumption. For MS work, having a bipolar supply allows either cations or anions to be injected, so we aren't the only ones who benefit from the bipolar supply. While the Dispenser cost a bit more than I would have liked, it worked as promised and better than more expensive piezoelectric dispensers. "

Review date: 18 Feb 2014 | nanoLiter Cool Wave Dispenser
nanoLiter Cool Wave Dispenser - Major sensitivity and repoducibility increases for ESI & MALDI

Nanoliter dispensing devices can be used to place media on the MALDI plates for MALDI/TOF instruments, but the most exciting ability of this device is to collimate droplets directly into the ion source like electrospray (ESI), the unique concept being that nearly 100% of the droplets go directly into the source versus <1% from ESI, giving a huge increase in sensitivity.

One Nanoliter Cool Wave device can be used to make excellent MALDI crystals or shoot 100% of your sample into your ESI source!