NanoDrop 8000 Sample Position Illuminator

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Sample Position Illuminator for NanoDrop 8000

When measuring samples in a 96-well format on the Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 8000 Spectrophotometer, an eight-channel pipettor is used to draw 1 ul samples from a microtiter plate which are then dispensed onto the eight optical measurement surfaces.

The Sample Position Illuminator keeps track of the samples to be measured by lighting up wells from beneath the plate. This helps the user readily identify which wells to draw from for the next measurement, thus reducing fatigue and human error.

The sample position illuminator is simple to use. Prior to measurement, the user selects the samples to be measured from the on screen position indicator (selected wells are in green).

NanoDrop 8000 Sample Position Illuminator Features:

  • Auto advance: This increases measurement throughput by automatically lighting up the next column to be measured.
  • "Cherry picking": User can select any single or multiple wells which are then lit up by the sample position illuminator.
  • Measurement limits: The user can define upper and lower concentration (or absorbance) limits such that a well will begin to flash if the measurement falls out of adefined range (e.g. 100ng/ul ±20ng/ul).

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NanoDrop 8000 Sample Position Illuminator

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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