NanoDrop™ 1000 Spectrophotometer by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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NanoDrop™ 1000 Spectrophotometer

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The NanoDrop® ND-1000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer enables highly accurate analyses of 1 ul samples with remarkable reproducibility.

The full spectrum (220nm-750nm) spectrophotometer utilizes a patented sample retention technology that employs surface tension alone to hold the sample in place. This eliminates the need for cumbersome cuvettes and other sample containment devices and allows for clean up in seconds.

You’ll find yourself making fewer dilutions and taking more readings than ever before, essentially becoming a more quantitative laboratory.

In addition, the NanoDrop 1000 Spectrophotometer has the capability to measure highly concentrated samples without dilution (50X higher concentration than the samples measured by a standard cuvette spectrophotometer).

NanoDrop® ND-1000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Benefits:

  • Small Samples - Designed for 1 ul samples
  • Large dynamic range - Measures 2-3700 ng/ul (dsDNA) on a single sample. No need to change out cuvettes or caps.
  • High absorbance capability - 50 times that of traditional spectrophotometers
  • No Dilutions for most samples
  • No extra costs for consumables
  • Full Spectrum (220-750nm)
  • 10 second measurement time
  • No cuvettes or capillaries
  • Sample is recoverable
  • Small size (size of a tissue box)
  • Easy set up (plug and play)

NanoDrop® ND-1000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Applications:

  • Nucleic acid concentration and purity of nucleic acid samples up to 3700 ng/ul (dsDNA) without dilution
  • Fluorescent dye labeling density of nucleic acid microarray samples
  • Purified protein analysis (A280) up to 100 mg/ml (BSA)
  • Expanded spectrum measurement and quantitation of fluorescent dye labeled proteins, conjugates, and metalloproteins
  • Bradford Assay analysis of protein
  • BCA Assay analysis of protein
  • Lowry Assay analysis of protein
  • Pierce Protein 660 nm Protein Assay
  • Cell density measurements
  • General UV-Vis Spectrophotometry