Nano Scale HPLC columns by Waters

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Nano Scale HPLC columns

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Waters NanoEase™ columns, a new advanced line of 75 µm and 100 µm I.D. nano scale chromatography products, combine the optimal performance (i.e., minimum extra-column peak broadening) with an easy-to-use design. ?They are ideal for nano scale protein and peptide separations for mass spectrometry, and incorporate a unique frit technology for extended column life. Available Waters chemistries include Symmetry® C18, Symmetry300™ C18, Atlantis™ dC18 and XTerra® MS C18.

Several innovative features include:

???????????????? Optimized column packing protocol to provide superior column efficiency

???????????????? Diamond-polished column ends and connecting tubing to provide minimum extra-column peak broadening

???????????????? 1/16 inch PEEK sleeve with Valco connection at column inlet to provide simple set-up

???????????????? 24 inch of 20 µm ID connection tubing coupled to column outlet with zero-dead-volume PTFE coupler to maintain chromatographic performance while simplifying column set-up

???????????????? Zero-dead volume PTFE protector/coupler for joining column to a mass spectrometer.