Nano Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 12 DynaSizer by Fritsch GmbH - Milling and Sizing

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Nano Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 12 DynaSizer

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The ANALYSETTE 12 is perfectly suited for particle size determinations down into the lower nanometer range: with exact and reproducible results in research, development and quality control. Ideal for pigments like for example ink or chemicals, food (for example milk), pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and samples from the areas of environment and petrochemistry (for example motor oil).

The Principle
The ANALYSETTE 12 DynaSizer utilizes the thermal motions of particles in a suspension (Brownian Motion) to determine their size. Here the sample suspension is irradiated by a laser and the light scattered in a certain direction detected with high time resolution.

From the fluctuation of the intensity of the scattered light, the movability of the particles can be calculated and then again via the Stokes-Einstein formula, their size can be calculated.

The Technology
The design of the DynaSizer abstains completely from the usual cuvettes. The sample suspension is applied directly on a glass surface from where a laser with adjustable intensity irradiated vertically through it from below. From above, then a second glass surface is set on the suspension and clearly sets the measurement volume.

The in a backward-direction scattered light is captured below a fixed angle with a powerful detector and the intensity fluctuation via a so called correlator processed (Autocorrelation). The obtained autocorrelation function describes how fast or slow the intensity changes. Small particles deliver a fast variation whereas for large particles this is accordingly slower.

The Ultra-Thin Layer Technology
The cuvette-free design enables a specific adjustment of the analysis layer thickness for the optimal adaptation to the respective conditions. For example, for measurements with high particle concentrations or in dark media, the upper limit of the measurement volume can be lowered with one simple motion and so the thickness of the analysis layer is reduced from approximately 2 mm down to 100 µm. This elegant option for reduction the measurement volume prevents problems due to multiple-scattering as well as local heating and guarantees reliable measurements of even dark media or high particle concentrations. Just as simple a thick analysis layer can be set again which then allows the measurement of suspensions with lowest particle concentrations.

The Stable Measurement Temperature
Essential for particle size determinations with dynamic light scattering is the temperature control of the sample material. The ultra-thin layer technology enables - due to the 90° prism - thin, expanded analysis layers and an excellent coupling of sample material and measurement cell. So in minimal time the desired sample temperature is reached and via the Peltier elements maintained at the configurable temperatures between 15 °C und 70 °C.

The Innovative Measurement Design
Due to the well-conceived design of the measurement system with 90° prism, the ANALYSETTE 12 DynaSizer is able to process the smallest sample quantities, is fast and easy to clean and makes it unnecessary to use cuvettes or other consumables. The optical design is reduced to a minimum and keeps the distance between measuring cell and detector small. The advantage: a high signal-to-noise ratio, which is a key factor for high measurement precision and for the detection of low particle concentrations.

The Variable Laser Power
The electronic regulation of the laser power permits adaptation to broad ranges in terms of particle size and concentration. The temperature-stabilized and fiber-couple diode laser in pigtail design offers a long service life, enormous stability in the output power, ultra-stable polarization and an optimized signal-to-noise ratio.

Two Detectors Selectable
The Nano Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 12 is offered with two different detector systems. The ANALYSETTE 12 DynaSizer includes a high-performance Photo-Multiplier with a high amplification factor < 105, short response time < 10 ns and a very low dark current signal of approx. 150 cps - the standard model for the majority of measuring tasks.

The ANALYSETTE 12 DynaSizer plus is suitable for particle concentrations of a few ppm and particle diameters of < 10 nm. Equipped is the DynaSizer plus with a Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) thermally stabilized with Peltier elements and has due to active quenching low dead times of below 0.1 ns and a dark count rate in the area of 10 cps.

Comprehensive Analysis
The ANALYSETTE 12 DynaSizer embodies know-how and innovation - for instance in the powerful Padé-Laplace algorithm that interprets the measuring data correctly even in the event of multimodal particle size distributions. Of course, even conventional methods such as Cumulant or Contain can also be used.

• Measuring range from 1 nm to 6000 nm
• Measurement of concentrations between 0.0003 up to 40 Vol.-%
• Direct sample application without cuvettes
• Intelligent evaluation with high-performance Padé-Laplace algorithm
• Measurement of the real particle size distribution
• User-friendly operation
• Simple simulation of measuring data

The Nano Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 12 DynaSizer is equipped with an USB-interface and the purchase includes the software nanoQ. The software nanoQ contains besides the common methods such as Cumulant and Contain also the powerful Padé-Laplace algorithm, the multi-acquisition mode and a simulation module.

A computer with already installed software as well as a color ink jet printer or laser printer for outputting the measuring reports can be ordered as accessories.