Nano High Pressure Homogeniser by Biopharma Process Systems

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Nano High Pressure Homogeniser

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DeBEE Nano high pressure electric-hydraulic laboratory homogenisers offer a reliable and consistent process for scalable results in a range of laboratory applications.

The Nano deBEE is a laboratory unit designed for product development, able to handle sample sizes as small as 20ml but still providing up to 45,000 psi of pressure.

The patented deBEE modular homogenising cell allows users to control all the parameters that influence the process, offering particle size reduction to nanometers and handling abrasive and viscous materials. The cell is also utilized in larger models for easy scale-up.

Common applications for Nano homogenisers include particle size reduction, fine emulsions, cell disruption, nanoparticles, micro-encapsulating as well as general blending and mixing.