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Na,K-ATPase Screening Services

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The Na/K pump regulates the movement of potassium ions into and sodium ions out of cells thereby maintining an ionic gradient and contributing to membrane potential. Na/K-ATPase function is involved in physiological processes such as action potential generation, regulation of cell volume, and the assembly of tight junctions in epithelial cells. Na/K-ATPase is a therapeutic target for diseases such as cancer, ischemia, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, and polycystic kidney disease. Screening is available for α1, α2 & α3 subunits (cell-line licensing fee not required).
Aurora Biomed provides functional assay services on an exclusive, out-sourced basis.We are currently carrying out assay services for various ion channel targets including hERG safety screen. Several options for these services exist, we can read/test flux assay samples from your experiments on ICR, we can screen your compounds/library in our laboratories or we can accept cell lines to develop assay for you as part of our services.
Aurora Biomed has a team of highly trained molecular biologists have a solid understanding of ion channels and cold flux assays. We enjoy a challenge and feel confident in providing solutions to further your ion channel screening needs.