MZ2C NT +AK+M+D Dry Chemistry Vacuum System by BrandTech® Scientific, Inc.

MZ2C NT +AK+M+D Dry Chemistry Vacuum System by BrandTech® Scientific, Inc. product image
MZ2C NT +AK+M+D Dry Chemistry Vacuum System
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The VACUUBRAND® MZ2C NT +AK+M+D dry vacuum system provides the essential features for basic rotary evaporation. Powered by the same MZ2C NT vacuum pump as many of our more deluxe systems, this system includes an inlet catchpot and integrated gas ballast to handle condensed vapors, as well as a Bourdon (dial) vacuum gauge that provides relative pressure readings and trend indication. A fluoropolymer valve provides safe manual flow control to match pumping speed to vapor flow to help prevent bumping.

Ultimate vacuum: 5Torr (7mbar)
Free air capacity: 38lpm (1.4cfm)

Perform More Work
VACUUBRAND pumps are engineered for performance, with flowrates as much as 40% higher at working vacuum levels than competitive pumps with similar free air capacity ratings. The PC101 NT has an ultimate vacuum of 7Torr (12mbar) with open gas ballast, for superior performance with condensable vapors.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Like all VACUUBRAND chemistry-design diaphragm vacuum pumps, the MZ2C NT vacuum pump in the MZ2C NT +AK+M+D has a flowpath constructed of materials with excellent corrosion resistance, such as PTFE heads and diaphragms. It is also equipped with a gas ballast to provide consistent pump performance with condensed vapors. VACUUBRAND chemistry-design diaphragm pumps eliminate the misting, handling, and disposal of contaminated oil associated with rotary vane pumps. Typical service intervals are from 10,000-15,000 hours - years in many applications! The flow control and solvent recovery accessories of the MZ2C NT +AK+M+D are also made of premium, corrosion resistant materials, like borosilicate glass for the catchpot.