Mycoplasma Plus PCR Primer Set, 50 rxn

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The Mycoplasma Plus PCR Primer Set detects infection by all forms of mycoplasma with a robust single-band PCR product and includes controls to verify PCR amplification and mycoplasma genomic DNA.
  •  Most reliable and foolproof PCR-based mycoplasma detection kit
  •  Robust single-band PCR product provides easy and unambiguous mycoplasma determination (triplet for acholeplasma)
  •  New primer design permits higher annealing temperatures which reduces susceptibility to spurious bands arising from PCR contamination
  •  "Forgiving" quality of new PCR primer design makes it more amenable to use with other vendors' Taq (a common source of DNA contaminants)
  •  Speciation requires only a single restriction enzyme digest