MYCO2: Carbon Dioxide Sensor

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The MYCO2 is a high performance infra-red gas sensor, designed for monitoring environmental CO2 in protected crops and demand controlled ventilation.

MYCO2 is a robust, low cost CO2 monitor, housed in an IP65 rated enclosure against the ingress of water and particulates. The monitor operates on a diffusion/convection principle and therefore no sampling pump is required. This monitor can easily be wall-mounted.

The MYCO2 sensors are aspirated by a combination of diffusion and convection within the sensor head. This gas sampling method is silent, reliable and provides a fast response time.

Convection is used to circulate gas between the sensor head and the diffusion cell with gas exchange occurring, by diffusion, at the surface of the diffusion membrane. Since the gas in the cell circulates within a closed system, all optics are protected from the ingress of dust. No additional pumping or filtering of the gas is necessary.

The MYCO2 sensor can be customised to suit specific applications, placing the design control in the hands of the system designer. The user selectable functions include linear analogue output options, alarm function software and automatic temperature correction. The MYCO2 can be supplied with or without the 4 digit LCD display. The MYCO2 product is supplied with a warranty.

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MYCO2: Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Manufacturer Edinburgh Instruments Ltd.

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