MX4/1 and MF4 systems - innovative gassing solutions

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The MX4/1 and MF4 systems provide innovative gassing solutions for fermentation and cell cultivation. MX4/1 supplies reactors up to pilot scale, while MF4 has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of industrial biotechnology.

The latest MX4/1 gas mixing system complements the best-selling single module MX4/4. Both products provide a mass flow controlled mixture of air, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. While MX4/4 serves four separate culture vessels, MX4/1 pipes the gas mixture into one reactor at a rate of up to 2,000 standard litres per hour (sL/hr). MX4/1 is thereby ideally suited for gassing requirements at pilot scale.

Electronic mass flow controllers and setpoints at each outlet enable precise and individual adjustment of oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations, offering more reproducible results. Users can now also define the mixture components of incoming gases, e.g. artificial oxygen composed of 90% oxygen and 10% nitrogen in order to use gas mixtures according to their security standards.

The MF4 system has been developed for processes requiring unconventional gasses such as methane and carbon monoxide in biofuel development. MF4 provides mass flow controlled gassing up to 2000sL/hr for four parallel channels and users are free to select any four input gasses to suit their needs. Independent gas leads ensure different gases can be combined even though they would normally react with each other.

Both gas mixing appliances as well as the MF4 are equipped with sensitive pressure sensors to ensure gassing is automatically stopped when excess pressure occurs. This ensures a high measure of workplace and production safety when handling glass vessels and bags.