MV-10 ASFE System by Waters

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MV-10 ASFE System
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The Waters® MV-10 ASFE™ System is the first supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) system offering accelerated, multi-vessel sample extraction, resulting in a faster, greener, more selective alternative for analyte extractions from a wide variety of sample matrices.

Whether your workflow requires enriching target analytes for analytical purposes, stripping unwanted material from a product, or collecting valuable essential oils from natural products, the MV-10 ASFE System is the most efficient extraction tool available. This system allows you to:
•  Extract samples from up to 10 extraction vessels in a semi-automated fashion
•  Accelerate throughput
•  Lower operating costs compared to traditional hydrocarbon-based solvent extraction systems.
•  Use a green alternative to normal phase solvents, supercritical CO2, which is non-toxic, non-flammable, and environmentally compatible.

System features:
•  Uses environmentally friendly CO2 instead of toxic organic solvents
•  Improved extraction efficiency
•  Better selectivity
•  Increased speed
•  Higher yield
•  Reduced operating costs
•  ChromScope™ Software makes routine analysis, reporting, and fraction collection easy with an intuitive user-friendly interface