Mustang® Coin Unit by Pall Life Sciences Products - Biopharmaceutical Division

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Mustang® Coin Unit

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The disposable Mustang Coin Unit is the companion product to Mustang capsules and cartridges.
Mustang membranes are an innovative new ion exchange support with pendant quaternary amine groups or sulfonic functional groups in a cross-linked polymeric coating. The pores in Mustang membranes are large enough to allow molecules as large as DNA access to all the binding sites by direct fluid convection. This produces a very high dynamic binding capacity in comparison to chromatography beads with diffusive pores.

Combining this high-capacity membrane with a unique pleated design resulted in the highly efficient Mustang product line. Each coin unit contains 16 layers of membrane. Mustang capsules and cartridges are specifically designed to be disposable to eliminate cleaning, cleaning validation, and cross-contamination.

Designed for Scale-Up Capabilities
The Mustang Coin Unit uses the same 16-layer construction as the larger capacity elements. It has been designed to allow direct scale-up or scale-down studies to the larger capsules. The coin is placed directly into a specially designed stainless steel housing, where the flow is uniformly distributed across the membrane coin. The Mustang Coin Unit is the ideal tool for modeling scale-up of DNA clearance.

Mustang coins and capsules will eliminate requalification since there is no need to change membrane materials during the transition from lab to production scale.

Features and Benefits

  • Disposable — No cleaning or cleaning validation.
  • Binding Efficiency — Biomolecules are bound in a single pass.
  • Speed — High-flow rates allow fast processing of large volumes.
  • Scaleability — Linear scale-up from laboratory to process scale.
  • Cost — Lower operating costs and capital investment compared to conventional columns that need validated packing.

High Quality Standards
Manufactured to high quality assurance standards in accordance with ISO 9000.

  • Membrane lots tested for dynamic protein binding capacities; peak positions are verified with standard proteins
  • Certificate of conformance is supplied with each unit
  • Extensive validation ensures consistent and reliable performance
  • Comprehensive validation guide is available for process scale units