Multiwave GO: Microwave Digestion System

Manufacturer Anton Paar GmbH  |  Available Worldwide
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Great improvement of our metals analysis workflow
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Digestion of food products

"Very easy to use system, vessel caps just screw on by hand. Like the fact that all parts are constructed of clean PTFE. The compact size of the microwave system allows it to be placed anywhere in our lab, which is great because we don't have a lot of bench space. We can run up to 12 different food samples at the same time, with more than a gram of sample per vessel, which helps with non-homogenous sample types."

Review date: 12 Feb 2016 | Multiwave GO: Microwave Digestion System

The Multiwave GO microwave digestion system represents a masterstroke of Anton Paar's engineering.

The newly designed DMC Directed Multimode Cavity provides the best of both monomode and multimode microwaves. As in a monomode system, the microwaves are directed to the sample, providing highly efficient heating in a small-footprint system. As in a multimode system, more than one sample can be digested in a single run. Due to the TURBO Cooling process, unique cooling times as short as 8 minutes for a fully loaded twelve-position rotor are possible. With its SMART VENT technology, Multiwave GO is the most convenient microwave digestion system on the market.