MultiScreenHTS-PCF Filter plates for Solubility

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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The MultiScreenHTS-PCF Filter plate is a high throughput, 96-well system to classify or quantify the aqueous solubility of compound libraries stored in solvent as a concentrated solution.

The filtration-based protocol is fast and efficient. The protocol has been validated to screen hundreds of samples per day and saves time and sample over the shake-flask method. Typical MultiScreenHTS-PCF Filter plate analysis time is less than 4 hours and uses <100 µg of sample per analysis. This is an improvement as compared to the shake-flask method that can take several days and require milligrams of sample for each analysis.

MultiScreenHTS-PCF Filter plates are automation compatible. The plates are in compliance with SBS guidelines for easy handling by robotics. They also include a space for barcoding