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Electroporation of eukaryotic cells

The Multiporator in combination with the specially designed electroporation buffers is the optimum balanced system for the efficient and gentle electroporation of eukaryotic cells.

The Soft Pulse™ technology of the Multiporator applies extremely short electric pulses, thus enabling highest survival rates. Cell-damaging influences such as changes in pH values, aluminum release, and electrophoresis of the cell content are minimised. The relevant parameters of voltage and pulse duration are directly set and thanks to the patented electronic pulse discharge*1 will be maintained exactly - independent of the sample resistance. This ensures reliable and reproducible results.

The hypoosmolar buffer system increases the transfection efficiency, in particular for mammalian cells. It allows the electro-deformation of the cells and as a result a easier membrane penetration. The sodium-free buffer system is adapted to the inner cell environment and stabilises the Na+/K+gradient across the cell membrane. In this way, even highly sophisticated transfection experiments are possible.

Applications include the transfection of animal and human cell lines, embryonic stem cells, primary cells, oocytes, and plant cells.

Two optional function modules extend the application range of the Multiporator to the transfection of bacteria and yeasts as well as cell fusion.

*1US Patent 6008038

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