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The Multipette®/Repeater® M4 is a hand-held serial pipetting instrument, designed to minimize the time and effort required for precise and highly accurate repeat dispensing tasks. The Multipette®/ more

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The Multipette®/Repeater® M4 is a hand-held serial pipetting instrument, designed to minimize the time and effort required for precise and highly accurate repeat dispensing tasks.

The Multipette®/Repeater® M4 works with nine sizes of Eppendorf Combitips advanced®. A built-in sensor detects the Combitips automatically, showing the tip volume on an easy to read display and eliminating the need for manual volume calculations. In addition, the new central Combitip ejector supports one-handed operation for contact-free tip ejection that avoids any risk of contamination.
Since there are 20 volume settings for each of the nine Combitips, the Multipette®/Repeater® M4 can dispense volumes from 1 µL to 10 mL and completes as many as 100 operations without refill. This is significantly more than similar hand held dispensers on the market. An integral step counter displays the number of steps executed, allowing the user to resume with confidence should there be any interruption while dispensing.

With the ability to conduct a maximum of 100 dispensing actions accurately and precisely, the Multipette®/Repeater® M4 is ideal for applications involving 96-well plates, for example. Based on the positive displacement principle it also eases the handling of viscous or volatile liquids and lowers the risk of contaminating the Multipette itself when dealing with radioactive, toxic or other hazardous materials. Unlike air cushioned pipettes, the Multipette®/Repeater® M4 allows accurate and precise dispensing of difficult to handle viscous solutions as well as liquids with high vapor pressure.

Repetitive dispensing procedures, such as those required in plate filling, aliquoting and kit usage, can be very time consuming, with ample opportunity for errors and inconsistencies. The new Multipette®/Repeater® M4 provides a new, highly efficient solution for quick and safe dispensing that laboratories can rely on.

Multipette®/Repeater® M4 Features:

Step counter - Displays the number of executed dispensing steps
Ergonomically shaped operating lever - Dispenses the liquid and ejects the Combitip advanced®
Ergonomically shaped filling lever - For filling and emptying the Combitip advanced®
Volume selection dial - 20 different volume settings for every Combitip size; Easy to reach and adjust using your thumb
Hand rest - Supports a relaxed hand position and ease of use
Motion Sensor - Multipette switches off when not in use, and back on with minimal movements to save power and time
Combitip sensor - Automatic Combitip recognition and volume display

• Repetitive Dispensing of volumes in long series such as tube or plate filling, aliquoting reagents and kit usage
• Contamination-free dispensing of toxic, radioactive and or other hazardous liquids
• Precise and accurate dispensing of viscous solutions (e.g. glycerol) or liquids with high vapor pressure (e.g. ethanol)
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