MultiMode 8 Scanning Probe Microscope

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Great results on nanoparticles & helpful to analyze the other properties  
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Nanoparticles properties

"This instrument is extremely easy to use. I had a nice experience working with Multimode AFM system from last 5 years. This system very sensitive for material surfaces with high resolution."

Review date: 26 Jan 2017 | MultiMode 8 Scanning Probe Microscope
MultiMode 8 Scanning Probe Microscope from Veeco Instruments 

The World's Highest Resolution, Most Published SPM Just Got Better The MultiMode® 8 Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) resets the standard for high-performance SPMs. A major advancement of the world's best-selling, most field-proven SPM platform, the MultiMode 8 SPM features two new patent-pending technologies from Veeco, ScanAsyst™ and PeakForce™ QNM™, as well as a simplified user interface and large single-panel display that enable even novice users to access the most advanced applications and modes. Finally, new NanoScope® Version 8.1 software offers MultiMode 8 users a simplified interface and faster, more powerful tools for data gathering and off-line analysis. These features combine to reaffirm the MultiMode 8 as the most versatile, highest performance SPM in its class.

Setting the Standard for High-Performance SPMs with the MultiMode® 8 Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM):

• Highest Performance and Resolution 
• Versatility to Satisfy More Applications 
• Faster and Easier Expert-Quality Results 
• World-Renowned Productivity and Reliability