MultiClamp 700B current & patch clamp amplifier

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Rating: 5.0

"A user friendly amplifier with very good customer support. I would recommend this to others."

Review date: 05 Dec 2011 | MultiClamp 700B current & patch clamp amplifier
Computer-controlled microelectrode amplifier with a high-speed current clamp capable of sharp-electrode, field potential or ion-selective measurements, and a patch clamp for whole-cell, excised or cell-attached patches, bilayers, and electrochemistry with voltammetry or amperometry. MultiClamp 700B is shipped with the following,

MultiClamp 700B Amplifier
o Two 1-CV-7B headstages
o US power cord (Part Number 1-3010-0011)
o European power cord, CEE7/7 (Part Number 1-3010-0013)
o Accessory kit (Part Number 1-2050-0068) containing: USB cable (Part number 1-2100-0548), two Baseplates for attaching headstages to manipulator (Part number 1-5200-0100), two Electrode Holders (Part number 1-HL-U), MultiClamp Commander software CDROM (Part number 1-MC 700B CMDR 2.1), two Patch-1U Model Cells (Part number 1-PATCH-1U), and Manual (Part number 1-2500-0157)

Note: 1-CV-7B/BL and 1-CV-7B/EC headstages may be substituted for 1-CV-7B headstages

Optional headstages
o CV-7B/BL bilayer headstage (Part number 1-CV-7B/BL)
o CV-7B/EC electrochemistry headstage (Part number 1-CV-7B/EC)
o HS-2A-1LU headstage (1-HS-2A-X1LU)
o VG-2A-X100 bath clamp headstage (Part number 1-VG-2A-X100)

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MultiClamp 700B current & patch clamp amplifier

Manufacturer AutoMate Scientific Inc.

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews