MultiChannel Arm 96 (MCA96) by Tecan

Manufacturer Tecan

MultiChannel Arm 96 (MCA96) by Tecan product image
MultiChannel Arm 96 (MCA96)
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True parallel processing for Freedom EVO® liquid handling platforms

Tecan’s MultiChannel Arm module has a 96 channel pipetting head that brings higher productivity to almost any automated liquid handling process, from drug discovery and compound management to biotechnology or genomics applications. The module can be mounted onto the Freedom EVO 100, 150 or 200 platforms, increasing the efficiency and speed of your pipetting processes and delivering a greater level of flexibility to your platform.

The MultiChannel Arm works in parallel with the other arms of Freedom EVO, for example, processing a set of plates while the robotic manipulator arm is bringing the next set onto the worktable.

The MultiChannel Arm can also operate as an 8 or 12 channel head as desired, picking a column of 8 or a row of 12 tips to perform for example, in-plate serial dilution for IC50 assays. It works with various disposable and washable tips and can exchange them automatically during a run.

MultiChannel Arm highlights are:

  • true parallel processing
  • compatible with all Freedom EVO options
  • able to pipette with just 8 or 12 channels when necessary
  • capable of switching tip types, even during a run
  • integrates with a variety of modules

Not all options are available in the US.