MultiChannel Arm 384 (MCA384) by Tecan

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MultiChannel Arm 384 (MCA384)
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Increase efficiency and speed of pipetting processes for higher throughput

Tecan is offering a new 384-Multi Channel Arm Option (MCA384) for the Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstation, providing higher productivity to automated liquid handling processes in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research applications. The head can be mounted onto Tecan’s Freedom EVO 100, 150 or 200 platforms increasing the efficiency and speed of pipetting processes for higher throughput as well as delivering a greater level of flexibility.

The head can rapidly change during a run to a 96-tip format for plate re-formatting or for pipetting into 96-well plates. The head can mount four sets of 96 tips from a box of 384 tips, saving considerable deck space and decreasing the number of tip boxes necessary for a run. It can even mount single rows of 24 or columns of 16 tips, utilizing all the tips in a single box; this feature can be used to pipette controls or conduct in-plate serial dilutions. This flexible and fast option is a great asset for all your pipetting applications.

384-Multi Channel Arm Option highlights are:

- Broad volume range: 0.5 to 125 μl
- Automatic exchange of disposable and washable fixed tips
- Ability to pipette in either 384- or 96-well format or using individual rows or columns of tips
- Works in parallel with other arms