multi X® 2500

multi X® 2500

Analytik Jena Analytical Instrumentation

multi X ® 2500 – a versatile system that opens up new dimensions in TOX analysis. Vertical or horizontal? Are you tired of that question? Now do both with one instrument! The innovative double more

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multi X® 2500 – a versatile system that opens up new dimensions in TOX analysis.

Vertical or horizontal? Are you tired of that question? Now do both with one instrument!

The innovative double furnace technology with its tilting furnace combines the advantages of both the vertical and horizontal furnace in a single analysis system. A development that sets new standards!

Simple handling, rapid operation, and minimal maintenance are just some of the many advantages the multi X® 2500 offers you. The intelligent multiWin® software guarantees fast switching between column and batch methods. Thanks to a user-friendly construction and instrument configuration it works efficiently and is easy to operate. With sophisticated sampling systems and many sample prep combinations, you can run TOX determinations either fully or partially automated.

The multi X® 2500 gives you perfectly coordinated concepts for sample preparation and analysis. Minimize downtime and increase throughput for TOX samples – you stay flexible and cost efficient.
The world’s only dual-channel system for column method enrichment – doubles both sample preparation speed and TOX sample throughput. Convenient, with no manual intervention, this system can also be used for SPE sample preparation.

The fully automated autoX sampler allows the highest sample throughput yet, in vertical and horizontal operation. Many configurations and capacities are at your fingertips! Optimize and adapt the multi X® 2500 to your laboratory’s operating requirements. The autoX series offers the right sampler for any task – from small TOX sample series in vertical mode to multi-matrix variants for vertical and horizontal sample feed in larger TOX sample series, using the column or batch method or EOX samples.

With the automatic AOX sample preparation systems of the type „APU“, you are well prepared for any type of AOX sample preparation. You can even double your sample throughput thanks to parallel enrichment provided by the fast APU 28 S. The combination of the AOX analyzer multi X® 2500, the autosampler autox 112, and the APU 28 S allows an operation with up to 112 samples in 24 hours.
All APU 28 models operate independently in day and night mode, without any manual interventions.

The multi X® 2500 is flexible and easy to operate – it offers far more than just TOX/EOX/POX analysis. Applications include determinations of TOC – important in water analysis – and chlorine content (TX/TOX) from difficult matrices. The multi X® 2500 is the analyzer to use for almost every analytical task, in any field!


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