Multi-parameter portable meters with GLP functions handylab pH/LF 12 and handylab multi 12

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The multi-parameter pocket-size meters –handylab pH/LF 12 and handylab multi 12 –in shock-proof, water-tight casings are ideally suited for field work.

Measurement parameters

The measurement parameters pH, redox potential, temperature and conductivity means that the handylab pH/LF 12 has a variety of uses. The handylab multi 12 can also be used to measure the oxygen concentration in solutions.

Measurement memor y and interface

The meters have a data memory, which means that measurements can be saved manually or automatically by using a timer control, and evaluated later on. Both meters have a serial RS-232 interface (bi-directional) for data transfer purposes.

Measurement reliability

The special AutoRead function, which can be additionally activated, ser ves to monitor the drift of the combination electrode. The measured value is only released when the stability criteria are fulfilled. This ensures the reproducibility of measurement results.