Multi-Mode Electrode pro by Metrohm AG

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Multi-Mode Electrode pro
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Multi-Mode Electrode pro – the proven electrode for polarography now even better!

Ever since it was first introduced, the Multi-Mode Electrode (MME) has been the most reliable electrode for polarography. Now its successor, the Multi-Mode Electrode pro, is available. While providing the same reliability and performance, it is even more user-friendly and robust than its predecessor. These are the new features in detail:
  • Min-Max markings show at a single glance if there’s still enough «fuel» in the electrode.
  • On each side of the electrode there is just one connection for the nitrogen supply. Lines wrongly connected by mistake are a thing of the past.
  • No metal threads are used on the new MME pro. Corrosion simply cannot occur even under extreme working conditions.
  • The retaining screw for fixing the capillary is tightened with the help of a wrench until the wrench slips (operating principle of a torque wrench). Thus, the user knows exactly when the capillary is sits correctly – neither too loose nor too tight.
  • Each MME pro has its own individual serial number.
  • New electrode holder – secure in any position, whether for refilling of the mercury or for replacing of the capillary and needle.

The new Multi-Mode Electrode pro can be used in all current Metrohm VA instruments (797 VA Computrace and 663 VA Stand) and in most of the earlier models.

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