Multi 350i multimeter by Xylem

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Multi 350i multimeter
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Simply multiple: Multi 350i with combined conductivity/oxygen sensor ConOx

The new Multi 350i from WTW, Weilheim, Germany, is a must for anyone who wants to have a versatile high precision multiparameter instrument. In combination with a wide choice of sensors from the WTW program all important parameters of water analysis can be measured: pH, ORP, DO, conductivity, resistance, salinity, TDS, ISE.

But there is still more:  With the new combined oxygen/conductivity sensor ConOx conductivity and DO can be measured simultaneously. To achieve a high-precision DO measurement salinity will be corrected automatically.

With an additionally connected pH-sensor the Multi 350i is capable of measuring up to 4 parameters including temperature. Of course, they can simultaneously be shown on the backlit graphic display and also being stored in the memory.

Its comprehensive operation, GLP-compliant calibration records, a memory for 1800 entries, time-controlled datalogger, and a bidirectional RS 232 are advanteagous details for universal use. It is operated either by mains via a plug-in power supply or by rechargeable NiMH-batteries.

Novelty: ConOx - A combined Conductivity/Oxygen Probe

The quality of a DO measurement also depends on an exact knowledge of the salt content of the water. The new combined conductivity/oxygen probe provides automatic correction of salinty.: But there is still more: This slender sensor  (diameter about 15 mm, length without cable.185 mm) consists of two parts, a conductivity module with approved 4-electrode-technology (also to be used as stand-alone) and a plug-in oxygen modul with high resolution. There three different cable lengths available: 1.5, 3, and 6 m. The ConOx can only be operated with the new Multi 350i.

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