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Multi-tube sequential sampler.

The MTS-32™ is a compact, portable sampler for the unattended sequential sampling of air onto a series of sorbent tubes. Constant-flow pump technology ensures that the same volume of air is collected onto each tube.

The MTS-32 is ideal for analysts needing monitor the concentrations of organic vapours in air as they fluctuate over extended time periods.


  • Sequentially samples on up to 32 × 3½-inch tubes.
  • Constant-flow pump ensures consistent sample volumes regardless of variations in tube impedance.
  • Diffusion-locking technology (Markes’ SafeLok™ tubes or DiffLok™ caps) prevent sample losses and ingress of contaminants.
  • Integral fan continually refreshes the air inside the case, ensuring that the air sampled accurately reflects the immediate environment.
  • Powered by mains electricity or a battery (will run for over 40 hours on battery).
  • Protective gauze across the fan inlet prevents particulates or wildlife from entering.
  • Constructed of low-outgassing components.
  • Field-portable – the MTS-32 can be used virtually anywhere.


  • Monitoring diurnal fluctuations of pollutants in ambient air.
  • Continuous monitoring of emission events in industrial locations.