mTOR Kinase - a part of the KinaseProfiler™ Service

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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Millipore's full-length mTOR kinase is now available as part of the KinaseProfiler™ Service. This kinase is the first biologically relevant mTOR to be commercially available.

The KinaseProfiler Service offers 264 kinases for selectivity profiling, using a catalytic radiometric assay format. The addition of the full-length mTOR to the KinaseProfiler panel provides high-quality, confidential screening of compounds against this critically important kinase.

The mTOR kinase has recently been linked to many important human diseases, including cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease ad neurological disorders. The kinase enables the regulation of cell cycle progression, cell growth, protein synthesis, ribosome biogenesis and autophagy, important target factors in the study of mTOR related diseases.