Thermo Scientific™ MSQ™18LA Nitrogen Gas Generator

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The MSQ18LA nitrogen gas generator delivers a premium solution for nitrogen requirements. It comes factory pre-set to the required flow rates, pressures, and purities for the MSQ family of mass spectrometers.

The Thermo Scientific™ MSQ Plus™ single quadrupole mass spectrometer can perform high-quality analyses 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but to do so it requires a reliable supply of high-purity nitrogen.

The Thermo Scientific™ MSQ™18LA Nitrogen Gas Generator uses membrane technology to deliver a steady supply of clean, dry, phthalate-free nitrogen at up to 18 liters per minute. The MSQ18LA can operate 24/7 to meet the most demanding nitrogen requirements reliably and economically.

MSQ™18LA Nitrogen Gas Generator Features:

  • Mobile and compact so it can be positioned as necessary, even under standard lab bench
  • Simple installation allows the generator to be up and running in minutes
  • Delivers clean, dry, phthalate-free nitrogen at up to 18 mL/minute
  • Quiet operation—not audible in average lab environment
  • Up to 15 times more economical than cylinders
  • Increases productivity by eliminating interruptions due to gas cylinder changes
  • Internal oil-free air compressor ensures years of operation with no fall-off in purity or performance
  • Sleep mode function minimizes compressor run time, prolonging the life of compressor
  • Low cost of ownership thanks to a reliable, energy efficient design and minimum service requirements

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Thermo Scientific™ MSQ™18LA Nitrogen Gas Generator

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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