MSH-D series - Digital Magnetic Stirrer Hotplates - aluminium hob

Manufacturer Nickel-Electro Ltd

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This range of Digital Clifton magnetic stirrers are robustly constructed and designed for a long and durable life featuring independent advanced temperature and speed control for each hob.

Unit consists of a low profile corrosion resistant stainless steel case with a chemical resistant wipe clean sloping control panel which feature 'bright' LED display and status indicators. An aluminium hob plate provides a stable source of constant heating. An accessory retort rod can be fitted into each place mounting point and unit is supplied with one pair of PTFE coated stirring bars.


Stir volumes up to 5 litres (related to water).
Each place is supplied with one pair of PTFE coated stirring bars

Control options

Temperature control

Temperature and time
Process - two temperature set points
Temperature control of the hob - accurately controlled and set values reproduce able every time using advanced PID control.

Time or temperature display

Temperature digital PID control
Features menu driven data entry
Clearly visible LED display suiting all lighting conditions
Display resolution digital LED/1°C
Temperature range ambient +10°C - 350°C
Sensitivity @60°C is ±0.5°C
Over temperature alarm automatically set +4°C
Clearly visible bright status indicators

Indication of heating, over temperature alarm, timer and setting set points.

New low mass hob providing rapid energy transfer, quicker heat up times, reducing energy consumption and improved temperature uniformity over the surface of the hob since its now features a flat disc heater fitting across its diameter, instead of the more traditional construction using tubular heating elements and localised heating.

Remote measurement

An accessory probe can be plugged into rear for 'in liquid' measurement of its actual temperature and controlling set point. The PID temperature controller learns and manages the volume, its heating rate and temperature rise to minimize overshoot achieving set temperature. Once plugged in the accessory probe overrides internal hob sensor automatically.
In liquid temperature control, display resolution digital LED/1°C
Sensitivity probe @ 60°C, water ±0.25°C
Corrosion resistant stainless steel probe
Where 'remote temperature measurement' is required we recommend ordering the accessory EP-2 Probe(s) when purchasing the Magnetic Stirrer.

Timer function

Display resolution 1 minute
Setting variable 0 - 999 minutes
Time cycle - activated @ set point 2
Cycle end with audible buzzer and "end" message

Models available in the range

MSH-1D Single Place Heated Magnetic Stirrer - Digital - Aluminium hob
MSH-3D Single Place Heated Magnetic Stirrer - Digital - Aluminium hob

Full range of accessories available

EP-2 External Probe
EPH-1 Probe Holder
SPB-1 125 x 90mm Aluminium spillage Bath - with handles
SPB-2 152 x 102mm Aluminium spillage Bath - with handles - secure fit on hob
8614 10 x 500mm Aluminium Retort Rod
CAL Calibration Record