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MRI RF Coils
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Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Getting FMRI data of human brains.

"It provides non invasive imaging of the brain in high spatial resolution. Customer service is very good. "

Review date: 28 Nov 2014 | MRI RF Coils
High quality data acquisition functions for every application

      Agilent provides a range of RF coils optimized for high quality pre-clinical imaging. With a variety of RF coil types available in a wide range of sizes, the most effective product for every MRI application can be selected with confidence. For effective imaging it is vital that RF coils provide as high a level of RF homogeneity and stability as possible, whether in the transmit or receive phase, and this is a key feature of all Agilent provided products. Relevant RF coils also exhibit a high filling factor (the geometrical relationship between the coil and the sample) ensuring excellent signal to noise ratios.