Mouse Obesity Antibody Array

Manufacturer R&D Systems, Inc.

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R&D Mouse Obesity Antibody Array - Proteome Profiler Array - For the parallel determination of the relative levels of selected mouse Adipokines.

R&D Mouse Obesity Array (Catalog # ARY013) is a rapid, sensitive, and economical tool used to simultaneously detect the relative levels of 38 different obesity-related molecules in a single sample. No specialized equipment is necessary. 
R&D Mouse Obesity Antibody Array for the measurement of multiple proteins in a single sample. These arrays require no specialized equipment, and eliminate the need for multiple immunoprecipitation/Western blot experiments. Array kits contain buffers, detection antibodies, and membranes spotted in duplicate with capture antibodies carefully selected for their specificity

R&D Mouse Obesity Antibody Array Kit Contents:

• 4 Array Membranes
• 4-Well Multi-dish
• Array Buffers
• Wash Buffer
• Antibody Detection Cocktail
• Streptavidin-HRP
• Transparency Overlay Template
• Detailed Protocol