Mouse CpG Island Microarrays by Agilent Technologies

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Mouse CpG Island Microarrays
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The Agilent Mouse CpG Island Microarray provides researchers with comprehensive, genome-wide insight into how DNA methylation changes may be correlated to critical biological development processes including cancer, genomic imprinting, gene silencing and chromatin stability.  Probes are optimized for maximum sensitivity and specificity.

  • 16,030 CpG islands
  • Enriched content sourced from UCSC mm9 (NCBI build 37, Jul 07), February 2006)
  • 97,652 probes in or within 95bp of CpG Islands
  • 2 x105K slide format printed using Agilent's 60-mer SurePrint technology
  • Available as a single slide. Slide contains two 105K microarrays

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