Mouse CGH 3x720K Whole-Genome Tiling Arrays

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High Resolution, Improved Performance, Ultimate Confidence

High Resolution: Up to 4.2 million probes per array enables unbiased, genome-wide detection of CNVs down to ~1.4 – 5 Kb resolution.

Cost-Effective Solution: Utilize NimbleGen multiplex array formats to simultaneously analyze 3 or 12 independent sample pairs on a single slide.

Comprehensive CNV Detection: Enhanced probe coverage of low-copy repeat regions of the genome (e.g. segmental duplications) enable increased detection of CNVs associated with pathogenic rearrangements.

Improved Performance: NimbleGen Human CGH Whole-Genome Arrays consist of empirically tested probes that provide improved data quality (i.e. signal-to-noise) compared with computationally selected probes.

Complete Flexibility: The inherent flexibility of Roche NimbleGen’s array technology enables the rapid prototyping of custom array designs, which can include whole genomes, single chromosomal regions, or multiple loci of interest. Custom designs can be created with uniform or mixed-density probe spacing using the most current genome sequence from any eukaryotic genome.