mosquito® X1 Nanolitre Hit Picker

Manufacturer TTP Labtech
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mosquito® X1

mosquito X1 is single tip nanolitre hit picking system designed for hit confirmation and secondary profiling. It offers true walk-away cherry picking from any individual well in any type of plate with high throughput. Researchers can quickly select nanolitre quantities of hits from primary screening plates and transfer them directly to the next stage without further dilution. A prerequisite for efficient primary screening is rapid, automated hit picking for validation and secondary profiling.

The benefits of mosquito X1 for hit picking include:

  • accuracy and precision – outstanding accuracy and unrivalled precision in either the 25 nL – 1.2 μL range or the 500 nL – 5 µL range (depending on spool loaded)
  • sample accessibility – mosquito tips can directly pierce plate seals without any specialist equipment or system set-up changes
  • flexibility – hit picking can be performed to and from non-SBS formats, including glass cover slips, slides and arrays
  • minimal wasted sample – dead volumes are under 100 nL in ‘V’ bottomed source plates
  • zero cross contamination – use of disposable pipette system to prevent cross-contamination
  • speed of set up – rapid tip changing and no washing
  • integration options – can be easily integrated with TTP Labtech’s Cherry Picker System or the mosquito plate processor (MoPP) into a larger screening system allowing the mosquito X1 to work unattended for extended periods
  • efficient consumable usage – multi-aspirate and multi-dispense pipetting ensures speed and efficient consumable usage
  • rapid cycle time – averages 6 secs for aspirate, dispense and tip change

mosquito X1 can be used for the following applications:

  • as a prerequisite for automated hit picking in validation and secondary profiling
  • integration into larger screening systems to offer high throughput true walk-away hit selection in the 25 nL to 1.2 µL range
  • cherry picking onto glass slides or CHIPs for microarray assays

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mosquito® X1 Nanolitre Hit Picker

Manufacturer TTP Labtech

3.3 / 5.0 | 1 reviews