mosquito® HV: for extended screening capabilities

mosquito® HV: for extended screening capabilities
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TTP Labtech

TTP Labtech introduces mosquito® HV , to bridge the gap between nanolitre and microlitre liquid handling. mosquito® HV extends TTP Labtech's accurate liquid handling portfolio, allowing you to more

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TTP Labtech introduces mosquito® HV, to bridge the gap between nanolitre and microlitre liquid handling.

mosquito® HV extends TTP Labtech's accurate liquid handling portfolio, allowing you to accurately handle intermediate volumes for low volume serial dilutions and assay plate preparation across the volume range of 500nL to 5µL.

mosquito® HV offers the following benefits for screening:
• Serial dilutions can be carried out using cost-saving miniaturised volumes in standard plates. Final volumes of between 2 to 8µL of serially diluted samples are easily achieved.
• For additional time saving, mosquito HV can stamp directly from dilution plates to assay plates as part of the same protocol.
• Access all of your sample: mosquito HV leaves dead volumes of under 1 µL per well.
• Outstanding accuracy: with less than 2 % error throughout the volume range.
• Unrivalled precision: with c.v.s of less than 2.5% throughout the volume range.
• Plate reformatting: mosquito HV can also reformat between different plate densities and types in the same protocol, accurately pipetting between 96, 384 and 1536 well plates.
• Ability to create acoustic-ready source plates to maximise workflow efficiency.
• Simple, fast, reduced volume PCR/qPCR plate set-up. 

mosquito® HV facilitates protein crystallography:
• Ideal for the accurate creation of larger volume drops (1 to 10µL) of multiple components used in scale-up and optimisation work.
• Precise pipetting across a wide range of liquid viscosities with no format change required.
• Zero cross-contamination of samples is ensured with TTP Labtech's disposable micropipettes.

mosquito HTS and mosquito HV can be employed for a wide range of chemical and biological-based applications; including compound and small molecule screening, cell or bead based assays, enzyme kinetic assays, ELISA's and molecular biology applications, including rtPCR/qPCR set-up, RNAi screening and SNP genotyping.


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