Mosaic Digital Illumination Systems by Andor Technology

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Mosaic Digital Illumination Systems
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Simultaneous illumination of multiple regions of interest in real time and with zero delta acquisition time.

Built around MEMS Digital Mirror Devices (DMD), Mosaic is a patented instrument for targeted illumination for microscopy. High speed frame switching (5,000 fps) makes Mosaic suitable for many dynamic applications including optogenetics, bleaching, uncaging, photo-switching and constrained illumination.

Mosaic exploits DMD in a proprietary programmable platform, integrated with scientific light sources including lasers, LEDs and arc lamps, and operates from 360 to 800 nm. It is offered with a range of high performance microscope adapter optics and can be integrated with CLSM, spinning disk and wide field imaging modalities.

The on-board memory allows for sequences of masks to be defined and executed with Hard Real-Time accuracy under software control or following external Trigger signals for complete experimental flexibility.

Mosaic Digital Illumination System Features:

  • Supports a range of light sources such as LED, laser and Arc to match a wide range of techniques from optogenetics to photobleaching.
  • Unlimited flexibility in shape, size and complexity of illumination mask.
  • Simultaneous illumination of multiple regions of interest.
  • Precise diffraction limited illumination of areas of interest that protects target specimen and fluorophore.
  • Zero delta acquisition time for true digital excitation/illumination of all regions of interest.
  • On-board mask storage for high speed sequencing ideal for high speed physiological studies (e.g. electro/ optophysiology).
  • Software independent triggering for use with independent hardware (e.g. electrophysiology).
  • Greyscale functionality for light-source independent, region-specific illumination intensity control.
  • Long lifetime and low maintenance with rugged semiconductor device.