MOS-450 Fast modular UV-Vis spectrophotometer/polarimeter

Manufacturer Kromatek

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For spectral recording in UV/Vis spectroscopic modes.

  • MOS-450/AF for absorbance and fluorescence modes. This includes a dual illumination monochromator and single-channel detection.
  • MOS-450/AF-CD for absorbance, fluorescence, fluorescence anisotropy and circular dichroism modes. This includes the same hardware as the /AF version, with in addition : polarizing optics, photoelastic modulator and synchronous signal detection.

Fast recording modular spectrometer and spectropolarimeter for rapid reaction kinetics and analysis.

A unique instrument to fulfill all the needs in steady state and rapid kinetics recordings.

The Bio-Logic Modular Optical System 450 (MOS-450) is a family of top quality components designed for optical measurements of rapid kinetics experiments with the Bio-Logic Stopped-Flow instruments. Because of its versatility and its outstanding signal-to-noise ratio in all UV/Vis spectroscopic modes, the MOS-450 system provides at the same time first class specifications in steady state and spectral recordings.

The modularity of the MOS-450 spectrometer makes it economical : a minimum of components to be rearranged for different modes of detection, and expandable.

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MOS-450 Fast modular UV-Vis spectrophotometer/polarimeter

Manufacturer Kromatek

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