Morphologi G3-ID

Manufacturer Malvern Instruments  |  Available Worldwide
Automated measurement of particle size, shape and chemical identity

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Advanced particle characterization made easy.

The Morphologi G3 provides an advanced yet easy to use particle characterization tool for the measurement of particle size and particle shape from 0.5 microns to several millimeters. In one instrument it offers the flexibility required for R&D and troubleshooting applications, and user-independent results and the validation required for automated QC analysis. The technique is often used in conjunction with laser diffraction particle sizing, to gain a deeper understanding of product or process behavior. The Morphologi G3 measures the size and shape of particles using the technique of static image analysis. Fully automated and with integrated dry sample preparation makes it the ideal replacement for costly and time-consuming manual microscopy measurements.


Morphology G3-ID Features:

  • • Integrates particle size, shape and chemicalidentity in one platform
  • • Fully automated Raman chemical classification of thousands of particles
  • • Automated SOP operation
  • • Powerful additional capability, ideal for R&D.
  • Measures particle size, particle shape and chemical identity in one platform.
  • Automates Morphologi G3 with Kaiser Optical Systems Inc. RamanRxn1 spectrometer.
  • Integrated dry powder dispersion with accurate dispersion energy control automates sample preparation for repeatable and reproducible measurements of both fragile and robust materials.
  • Simple SOP operation from sample dispersion through to size, shape and chemical analysis.
  • Automatic selection, targeting and chemical classification of 1000’s of individual particles.
  • Export function for third party forensic library investigations.
  • Single point manual targeting mode for manual selection of particles for chemical analysis.
  • Powerful and intuitive software interface making both visual and statistical interpretation of your data easier than ever.

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Morphologi G3-ID

Manufacturer Malvern Instruments  |  Available Worldwide

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