Model 680 Microplate Reader by Bio-Rad

Manufacturer Bio-Rad
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Model 680 Microplate Reader

Bio-Rad offers two versions of the economical Model 680 Microplate Reader, the standard model and the Model 680 XR reader, which offers an expanded detection range (UV to near-IR wavelengths).

With both models, onboard software provides secure user log-in, protocol and data storage, curve-fit and reporting functions.

Pre-programmed protocol and reporting functions for Bio-Rad’s TSE (transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, such as BSE) kits and the Checkmark™ installation qualification/operational qualification (IQ/OQ) validation kit are also available with both onboard and PC software packages.

An onboard graphical thermal printer and precision temperature control are factory options for both readers.

Key features of the Bio-Rad Model 680 Microplate Reader
• Capability to read flat-, U-, or V-bottom microplates or 8- or 12-well strip plates
• Automatic calibration before each reading to dramatically reduce drift and channel-to-channel variation
• Expanded wavelength range for more applications, such as 750 nm capability for Bio-Rad RC DC protein assays
• Variable-speed plate shaking capability
• Easy-access 8-position filter wheel, with four standard filters provided with each reader
• Optional onboard graphical thermal printer
• Optional precision temperature control
• RS-232 port for external PC control (with Microplate Manager PC version 5.2 and up)
• Compact design for laboratories with limited benchspace
• External printer connectivity through standard printer port (when internal optional printer is not installed)

Product Overview

Model 680 Microplate Reader by Bio-Rad product image

Model 680 Microplate Reader

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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