Thermo Scientific™ Model 6011 Ultra™ Analytical Cell for UHPLC

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The Model 6011 ultra Analytical cell is an Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC)- compatible, coulometric, dual electrode cell for use with the Coulochem® III Electrochemical Detector

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ has the most extensive selection of electrochemical cells on the market, optimized for a variety of critical applications. Unique in their configuration and performance, our advanced sensor designs assure long-lasting, trouble-free performance whether your application demands amperometric, coulometric, or pulsed amperometric electrochemical-detection technology.

The Model 6011 ultra analytical cell uses the proven dual, flow-through porous carbon design pioneered by ESA. The high surface area with reduced diffusion distance produces100% (coulometric) efficiency that results in high sensitivity. With 100% conversion of analytes, the cells are both efficient and selective. Both electrodes can be used for quantitation, or the first electrode can be used for analyte manipulation or screening. The cell incorporates the maintenance-free, solid-state palladium reference used in other ESA detection cells.

Model 6011 Ultra™ Analytical Cell for UHPLC Features:

  • Reduced volume electrodes and flow path for compatibility with UHPLC
  • Improved peak resolution
  • Dual electrode design for flexibility in mode of operation
  • Flow-through electrode for coulometric efficiency
  • Solid state, no maintencance reference electrode