Model 583 and HydroTech Gel Drying System

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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The Model 583 Gel Dryer accommodates sequencing gels or multiple standard size gels (16 mini gels, 9 Criterion gels, 2 large format gels, or 1 sequencing gel). With variable temperature control and three preprogrammed cycles, drying conditions can be optimized to prevent gel cracking. The HydroTech™ Vacuum Pump is a unique, environmentally friendly vacuum pump. The gel dryer and vacuum pump can be purchased together as an economical system or individually.

Quick-Seal Track for Instantaneous Gasket Seal
Simply apply vacuum, and the quick-seal track around the drying surface produces immediate sealing of the gasket. This groove also ensures an airtight seal throughout each drying cycle.

Superior Temperature Control
Microprocessor control maintains precise temperature control throughout the drying cycle by continuously monitoring and adjusting the temperature at the heating element surface. Any temperature between 50 and 90°C can be selected with the digital selection key.

The set drying conditions are retained in memory. Push the start button to recall the setting for the next run.

LED Display
The LED displays temperature and time, giving exact dryer temperature and how much time is left in the cycle.

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Model 583 and HydroTech Gel Drying System

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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