Model 5030 Cell for EC-MS Applications by ESA - A Dionex Company

Model 5030 Cell for EC-MS Applications by ESA - A Dionex Company product image
Model 5030 Cell for EC-MS Applications
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A low volume electrochemical cell optimized for the low flow rates of electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS).

• Optimized for incorporation into low flow rate LC-MS applications

• Provides high efficiency electrochemical conversion with minimal peak dispersion

Proven Coulometric Design
The Model 5030 Cell utilizes the proven porous graphite flow through design pioneered by ESA and is optimized for incorporation into an LC-MS system as a reactor cell to enhance ionization of analytes or to provide data relevant to processes in drug development. The cell’s solid-state design is virtually maintenance free, no special filling solutions or polishing are required.

Designed for MS and LC-MS
When combined with an MS system the 5030 cell has been shown to enhance the sensitivity and applicability of Mass Spectrometers by providing enhanced ionization and increased signal from difficult to ionize molecules for MS analysis, including:

• Aryl Amines

• Phenols

• Catechols

• Other oxidizable structures